Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 25/04/13

Thursday’s puzzle...
Grid: Hugh JohnsonGrid: Hugh Johnson
Grid: Hugh Johnson


1 If you buy the reserve, we’re told, do it in the right manner (2,3,4)

6 Teaching belief, in principle, with conviction (5)

Yesterday's solution.Yesterday's solution.
Yesterday's solution.

9 Object to single paragraph in a review (7)

10 Willing to turn tap, initially, in fluid flow (7)

11 Decline to let doctor take on old work (5)

12 Tolerated American sent back in disgrace (9)

13 Thought about having to live away from the confused (5)

14 Inspire singer to see about new arrangement (9)

17 When in arrears, hear that outline falls from grace (9)

19 Does he start all new games under scrutiny? (5)

21 Left little time, meaning to arrange period of mourning (9)

24 In all-out war, medics have to be ready to fight (5)

26 Cooked up something for me, instead (7)

27 Set to begin making progress by rail (2,5)

28 Would top driver want to come down in the sea? (5)

29 Get to sent me away, when separated (9)


1 Parade is hard to leave, when making a mark (5)

2 Organise toast for putting on military displays (7)

3 Flows over, at short notice, in practical jokes (9)

4 Pay a premium, as it’s too much to waste (9)

5 Sanction approval for tribute (5)

6 Ruling force at state down under, in short (5)

7 Popular endowments for those with ready money (2,5)

8 Are IT experts paid off in shekels? (4-5)

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13 Having mustered a crowd, one pretended to capture top spot (9)

15 Happy-go-lucky midshipman walking away (9)

16 Did sponsor promise to make a deposit? (9)

18 What the people of Paris say, to expound upon (7)

20 Good many trained on Sunday, having time for vaulter (7)

22 How did the Big Apple rate a beautiful young maiden? (5)

23 Large flower from one American state, conversely (5)

25 You’ll have had your tea, indeed, in Edinburgh (5)