Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 24/12/2013

Tuesday’s puzzle...


1 ‘The movement accompanying a protracted yawn, perhaps’ is an extended sentence (1,4,7)

9 Grounds for trouble seemed to cover nothing at first (7)

10 Non-strikers have a leading rustic collection of beetles (7)

11 A girl voiced expression of woe (4)

12 Combat health issues: go for a swim (5)

13 Not that shirt belongs to him (4)

16 Padrone orders a number to be worked on (7)

17 Friend ends up more confused in Sicilian city (7)

18 Is bomb likely to be put on mattress? (7)

21 Disclosure of Birmingham’s terrible beast (7)

23 Bread to give distant love (4)

24 Was it spread throughout middle? (5)

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25 Police officer to perform operatic part with lament (4)

28 A minority of Chinese are against wine (7)

29 Old play, Act Nine (7)

30 Heard to watch balanced reaction to teasing as a result of global warming (3,5,4)


2 Fib about alcoholic drink – it’s a fruit squash (7)

3 Pass ends, giving rise to view of loch (4)

4 Ship’s officer in charge of dining having to cook on a road … (7)

5 … came up with cool fruit, and … (7)

6 … hot drinks found, oddly, in the bars (4)

7 Is old-time bedding material used to keep girl warm? (7)

8 In the current situation, you have the right to refusal in the way you always do (2,2,4,4)

9 Swing right round and see cat leave food in a mess (2,1,5,4)

14 Sounds like faulty herb (5)

15 Commit oneself to fat (5)

19 Weeps over old Asian city and food (7)

20 Lightly built place, eg Crail (7)

21 Entertainer takes a long time to find security (7)

22 Heard to attempt pulling up mushrooms with muscle (7)

26 Indian coin that’s the same heads or tails (4)

27 Maple, for example, headed off challenge (4)

Monday’s solution

Across: High-pitched, Often, Passover, Palette, Nightie, Rated, Incidents, Stppages, Inset, Niggler, Inferno, Ambrosia, Rumba, Common sense

Down: Comparisons, Stileto, Gumbo, Happening, Resin, Ibsen, Castigate, Clogged, Informs, Event, Ostrums, Sensational

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