Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 18/09/15

Thursday’s puzzle


1 Would a senior officer attack all-out action? (7,6)

10 Shore up control by police (9)


11 Make a fuss of sailors on deck (5)

12 It’s important to have stocks of various substances (7)

13 Spill over to deceive the French (7)

14 Locks door, or leaves in some style (4-2)

16 It sounds right to get old fellows to give up (5,3)

18 Faded away when we dither about (8)

20 Makes up for spending a little time with one’s followers (6)

23 May run at a good tempo for highly syncopated notes (7)

24 Settles on leading light with first Sunday working (5,2)

26 Had to work hard to produce good run at the back (5)

27 Did son try to atone for mix-up by US lawyers? (9)

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28 Create growth, once again, in rebuilding clearance areas (13)


2 Having to live with a former partner is daft, in the end (5)

3 In the middle of a trench, had scope to follow Lee to produce a firearm (7)

4 Stay for a first-rate break (6)

5 Let her manage to board ship, and seeks asylum (8)

6 Was a rationalist about to get a record? (7)

7 Break things up, and sell them at a bargain price (5,4)

8 Time to start the race, having been ready, initially (4,3,4,2)

9 Finishes, without one, unless forced to show consideration for others (13)

15 Unite to end discrimination (9)

17 Make the first move to establish institute (8)

19 Record the first line with the last letter (7)

21 Did model worker have the odd outburst? (7)

22 Is at fault to get very drunk, commonly (6)

25 Back good man, at the end, to join the Navy (5)

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