Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 15/05/15

Friday’s puzzle


1 Council vehicle prepares custard by the ton (8)

5 Certain group of people we object to on college site (6)

Thursday's solutionThursday's solution
Thursday's solution

10 Decide a festival should be inclusive of the most aurally challenged (7)

11 Footballers to bury what’s less strong (7)

12 Youngster put in charge of third degree operation (5)

13 Potato dish cooked only in sea (9)

14 Shift it often or possibly find the man’s not up to the job (3,3,3,3,2)

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17 Fail to win singles with attitude and get very cross (4,4,6)

21 Command to bombard buccaneering admiral – duck! (9)

23 Temporary failure of audio circuits (5)

24 He is against work carried out by exhibitionist (7)

25 Excitedly, I leap on lustrous gem (7)

26 Flier’s sibling meets one of the family (6)

27 Is in charge of meeting in advance of teams (8)


1 In fact, performed like a teacher (6)

2 Fake roll, missing a walk that’s awkward (7)

3 Childcare facility, we hear, to wind up with nothing from a great build-up (9)

4 Snake breast he disturbs to behave threateningly (6,3,5)

6 A right to property bestowed on someone from abroad (5)

7 One got under the skin of craftsman, making him even more crazy (7)

8 Messes about online, coming up with attachment in too much of everything (8)

9 Twelve inches plus one of access may provide an opportunity for advancement (1,4,2,3,4)

15 Witches’ cats, perhaps, exchange two notes with storytellers (9)

16 Oiliness blends what can’t or won’t be mix’d for example (8)

18 Pass her recipe to mountain guides (7)

19 European member constrained, drained (7)

20 People chopping wood have a jar in hotels (6)

22 I follow rush for Japanese soup (5)