Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 13/08/15

Thursday’s puzzle


1 In the midst of flooding, daughter replaced head girl by pulling a fast one (8)

5 Was ready to charge top dollar when well-informed (6)

Tuesday's solutionTuesday's solution
Tuesday's solution

9 To support conflict with Germany must be stupid (8)

10 Urge a small number to finish pouring hot drink (6)

12 Soldiers turn right, having acknowledged they made a mistake … (6)

13 … and they made another mistake in a final collapse (5)

16 Had ones fill, with full measure. It’s plenty (6)

17 Did he perform on line with a new instrument? (8)

20 One may start to develop, although rather childish (8)

21 Swears at some scoundrels with hollow excuses (6)

23 Draws in a top doctor in some seasons (5)

25 Turns right, inside trailers (6)

28 A poor player lost it in front of the French mob (6)

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29 The day before, heads off the B team, as one is entitled to (8)

30 Runner joined up with writer in order to advance (6)

31 Have to take into account how corn dies out (8)


1 Has an obligation to turn out of premiere (4)

2 Want to defect, displaying weakness (4)

3 Was county correct, to be frank? (9)

4 Set limits on passageway, to be precise (6)

6 Sovereign for two little boys in a secure gallery (5)

7 Some in pool manage to corner the market (10)

8 Is firm, up to a point, showing tenacity (10)

11 Two hands, for example, try to find a theme (5)

14 Signed up, as indicated, having made an impression (10)

15 Did European film board manage to be strong? (10)

18 Daring stalwart to be confident in game (9)

19 Did model artist have to keep quiet? Rubbish (5)

22 Although in favour of feeling self-esteem, might have to give it up (6)

24 Work out how to find the key here (5)

26 Was very keen to get a little girl accepted at last (4)

27 Hard to leave escort for another employer (4)

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