Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 09/02/15

Monday’s puzzle....
Mondays puzzle.Mondays puzzle.
Mondays puzzle.


1 Managed to form a duet by having it sub-contracted (6,3)

6 In the middle of capers, a cheekie chappie could make things go with a bang (3,2)

9 Prospects may view small figures making appearances (7)

10 Guarantees property gets the right start (7)

11 Motor-racing team, failing to start, had to get its gear ready (5)

12 About to help out in Primary Seven store (9)

13 Odds on getting close to drain (5)

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14 Well below par, of course, so it could be an ill omen (9)

17 Settled on the fringes of Delaware, having had a hunch (9)

19 Know about an armed conflict by the end (5)

21 Trip over hoops in a military transporter (9)

24 Fluid singing group moved one to the front (5)

26 Bags top value beers, when one’s inside (7)

27 Some of them in entertainment may be quite distinguished (7)

28 Dance with a South American doctor at the beginning (5)

29 Tempts fate, and finishes up with passion (9)


1 Set up former lover forced to change direction (5)

2 Transported English runner; with pleasure (7)

3 Gets away with having a day of wild adventures (9)

4 Might 19 across former pupil need to get a home-help? (9)

5 Walk all over a saleroom, getting back before top personality (5)

6 Endless 22 down in front of European compound (5)

7 Left one firm to make a grand entrance (7)

8 In position to add 23 down promptly (9)

13 One sets out with Dave to find some narcotics (9)

15 Did plot extend to having some cover overnight? (9)

16 Use custom and practice on course (9)

18 For one little boy, the French started to make a nuisance (7)

20 Have to hive off ace in order to succeed (7)

22 Old man’s getting little thanks for an Italian dish (5)

23 Might he have a way to show some urgency? (5)

25 It sounds genuine to have small celebrations (5)