Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 08/01/15

Thursday’s puzzle


1 Leave before workers with little time to stock up a large emporium (10,5)

9 Little boy met up with new girl, shaking like a leaf (9)

Wednesday's solutionWednesday's solution
Wednesday's solution

10 Establish when part of the system beds down (5)

11 Is about to start singing in pitch (5)

12 Put one man in position, by day, it’s reckoned (9)

13 Popular place used to feed data into a computer (5)

15 A North American prisoner took lawyers there to be snakes (9)

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17 Would a club, in short, need to run over to display staying power? (9)

19 Charged boy with having short measure (5)

21 In sum, clue turned out to be very little (9)

23 Is it automatic to accept one old type of fertiliser? (5)

24 Just released in the Post Office, so put in the picture (5)

25 One of a ship’s staff is a skilled worker (9)

26 Walk into a difficult situation, and commit an indiscretion (3,4,4,2,2)


1 Judge may decide to arbitrate (9)

2 Exercise used by crowd in residence (5-2)

3 Take in either a good fellow or a hood (5)

4 State of principal conductor having little energy (5)

5 Did dark horse have a bad trip? (9)

6 Run roughshod over me, going out for a stroll (9)

7 Circled round left-winger with suspicion (7)

8 Some may pretend education has come to a halt (5)

14 Goes around below par, but refuses to listen (5,4)

15 Girl carries little weight when she declares (9)

16 UN got Bonn to set up protection from heat waves (3-6)

18 Join others at a picnic, but enjoy passing on inside information (4,3)

20 Time to take on right worker to be a brewery driver (7)

21 Have little time to turn up, with little power to finish things off (3,2)

22 It can take a very long time to find a muse (5)

23 Thanks to start, say, return to attack (3,2)