Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 05/02/15

Thursday’s puzzle


1 Take care of races, having second count of lots of stars (14)

9 Was MIT soon forced into making recommendations? (7)

Wednesday's solutionWednesday's solution
Wednesday's solution

10 After short way, we came back by a different way to find an official, of course ... (7)

11 ... and misrepresents relative positions, of course (4)

12 After 19 across, in a way, left a prototype (5)

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13 It’s not good to join forces at the boundary of a pool (4)

16 Go over the same ground with new attire, at the end (7)

17 Brown came back in to see the upper house (6)

19 Master embraced girl in some style (6)

22 About to tear into one for inactivity (7)

25 Get right back to the end in a fixed routine (4)

26 Pins up European wading bird (5)

27 Go through a greenhouse, ready to dry up (4)

30 Order one working as estate factor (7)

31 Unsettle leading lady with the last event, initially (7)

32 Personality having to rule people, at last, got home rule (4-10)


1 Why did company chief with record returns have to find fault? (8)

2 It’s not the same in the north-east, so must be somewhere else (3,4)

3 First two rounds with the final mechanical implement (4)

4 Was quite flexible, having left one’s son with old man, at the end (7)

5 Warns opposing hands to come up with some solutions (7)

6 Object to me coming back in 20 down, on paper (4)

7 May well be very close, but is not the dearest (7)

8 Prodigal son takes it easy, and just ticks over (5)

14 A good man coming second isn’t common (5)

15 Final part of a marine measuring device has to be submerged (5)

18 Place underground giving support to workers at last (8)

20 Single feature of a complicated recital (7)

21 Manage to get in, but collide with someone (3,4)

22 One man had to hand over final share in deadlock (7)

23 Time to lead preliminary race about an arena (7)

24 Forward had support on the quiet (5)

28 No regrets for singer performing in area feis, initially (4)

29 Head off one more time in order to profit (4)