Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 03/11/14

Monday’s puzzle


1 Finish on time when hunting is banned (5,6)

9 Long to be entitled to get the picture (5)

10 Pays out on short note, when making allowances (8)

12 Engineer could manage to put the final touches to it (7)

13 Tense sale, initially, of some financial contracts (7)

14 Large wading bird takes in another one (5)

15 It may take many years before new church might face dissolution (9)

18 Boy carried a new hatchet back into a tree (9)

20 Might a little fish run into a smack? (5)

21 In spite of empty marriage, couple can still hug (7)

24 Artist kept old instrument before having one Italian dish (7)

25 Marched when told to follow the top brass (8)

26 Lift up some beams, we’re told (5)

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27 Did Helen let car out in exchange for edible fungus? (11)


2 Light on the French name for seabird (7)

3 Unsettled dependent left up in the air (9)

4 It’s difficult to come second before dispute (5)

5 Warned that time had moved on when being adjusted (7)

6 Arrange to take command of a class (5)

7 He declared a reorganisation, when on the ball (5-7)

8 Charger might be needed as hostilities mount (8)

11 Only when quite sure, little boy could be confirmed (11)

16 Transport across a reef, just in case (8)

17 Might Crown, in short, take action over drug? (8)

19 Give up on a group performing on stage (7)

20 A few cut through a line, in principle (7)

22 Two together got round a market stall (5)

23 Is in good cheer, I expect, but it can be a bit weird (6)