Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 03/07/14

Thursday’s puzzle...


1 Is on the go, having fewer breaks (8)

5 Empty talk by graduate going back to academic institution (6)

Wednesday's solutionWednesday's solution
Wednesday's solution

10 It’s lucky that a model is surrounded by riches (9)

11 At that point, is in another estate (5)

12 Extra left-overs are more than enough (7)

13 Quiet American followed a classical historian (7)

14 Rig a race organised by a coach (8)

17 Small bird found at the back of the boat (5)

19 Was an extremist caught in an awful trap? (5)

21 Grow some green tree in order to propagate it (8)

24 Thanks to a leading patron, had space for a bar (3-4)

25 Does it take a long line to get a grip? (7)

27 Did a man with one daughter, and a son, have the golden touch? (5)

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28 Refuse to accept first number, being no great shakes (9)

29 Turn out of 12 across, to set up house (6)

30 The French society need to get over having declined (8)


1 Is about to shape up to radical change (6)

2 Orders different styles of fashions (5)

3 Clean up US city on the ground (7)

4 Post deposit as a wager, and make a claim (5)

6 Criticises rumours of a community charge (7)

7 Management will have to deal with the workers, at the end (9)

8 Gain favour, or good fortune, from devotion (8)

9 Have positive growth, in the end, from the day before (8)

15 Are they up above? No; the direct opposite (9)

16 Game to turn up some evidence (8)

18 Prospect of client being a difficult character (8)

20 Inspired by a right to get round, at second-hand (7)

22 Run fast in two different directions, but gives way (7)

23 Gambled on being occupied, and had fun doing it (6)

25 Man led new church from this time onward (5)

26 Stranger than fiction, in the end (5)