Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/02/15

Monday’s puzzle


1 Having to learn topics for discussion, wise man will understand (3,3,7)

10 Scrupulous to the end, get ready to blossom (5)

11 Will he then pay out to join, as in loss-leader, sale-room, etc? (9)

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12 May get cross with short-tempered belligerent (9)13 Makes fun of Hector’s travels (5)

14 Brave Georgia embraced everyone by name, at last (7)

16 Did she have to investigate another girl? (7)

18 Was persuaded, having tried to lose a little time (7)

20 Check over a stable-boy in disgrace (7)

21 Intends to win a fortune in hard cash (5)

23 Having to demonstrate various vessels, plays to the gallery (9)

25 Disreputable old suitor, on the way out (9)

26 Get permission to call it a day in the recess (5)

27 Placed under a vet, a few were quite daring (13)


2 There’s a girl from Chester I can’t forget (5)

3 Is keen to get right back with delight (9)

4 Describe how to show off on parade (7)

5 Give voice to old print journalists, on paper (7)

6 Affirm there’s some initial deterioration (5)

7 Cheered up when dangled over a little boy (9)

8 Appears suddenly, so jumps up to keep an eye on one (7,2,4)

9 Begins again when about to settle on additives (2-11)

15 Was highly critical of one who continued with a business degree (9)

17 A head boy settles down with vital safety devices (4-5)

19 Hand over the wrong plate, at first, like 22 down (4,3)

20 Odds on getting second round, right after a promoter (7)

22 May work for legal adviser, very often inside (5)

24 Warning a Liberal member on May Day (5)

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