Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 01/06/15

Monday’s puzzle
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Monday's puzzle


1 Bill got a model to take on another one (6)

4 Drew attention from good duets playing on PA (8)

9 Start to reveal old statuette in good condition (6)

10 Did some first-class wise men go about in boats? (8)

12 Fights off some animals with torches, initially (5)

13 Have too many principles, we’re told, about expenses (9)

14 Seeing new design for locomotives (7)

15 Is on good shape cut decoration (4)

19 Opening on one day, one had little time to follow (4)

21 Rough out the wrong policy on a chart (7)

24 Was Ann about to reduce her staying power? (9)

26 Has a tantrum over having to run for a long time (5)

27 Hearts, or clubs, can be appropriate (8)

28 Girl had nothing, and got nothing back for a musical instrument (6)

29 There’s a constant stream, at the end of the day (8)

30 May find it a draw back to get second prizes (6)


1 Do praise up some lampoons (8)

2 Graduates come back over to take a long time to gum up the works (8)

3 Send her in, to end up consecrated (9)

5 Defend a demonstration replacing spades with clubs (7)

6 Coach in attempt to give an athlete a chance to win (5)

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7 Fall behind, back on the route to where the sun goes down on a bay (6)

8 Have nothing to do with some guides I stayed with once (6)

11 Having got on to a ship, throw up (4)

16 Italian side had to compete with a series of questions (9)

17 Eccentric is quite extraordinary, and unique (8)

18 It’s hard to leave some game-birds with old farm workers (8)

20 Is it difficult to fish in both sides of the Tweed? (7)

21 Agree to accept grant, with respect (4)

22 Tenant may have to look after the French (6)

23 At short notice, wrong to offer guidance (6)

25 Come back sometime in the future, actually (5)