Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 30/03/15

Monday’s puzzle



1 Was US city creation designed to tear? (10)

6 Malevolent little fairy captured in an experiment (4)

10 Likes to record over content by Sunday (7)

11 Is worried about getting high fast (7)

12 Side can’t get involved from a long way off (8)

13 Was a presiding officer involved in church broadcast? (5)

15 Prompt, but losing a little time for inspiration (6)

17 Were some fighters powerless with tools used to 7 down? (8)

19 Use passageway when in motion, in the main (5,3)

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21 Transfer, say, going away to connect with advisory group (6)

24 Was one working with a client, initially, on a style of architecture? (5)

25 Take the wrong direction when unqualified (8)

28 Still, one had to have a period of idleness (7)

29 A friend had to turn right, playing for the fun of it (7)

30 Is it reasonable to show all-night entertainment for starters? (4)

31 Appoint workers with time to get payment for subsidence (10)


1 Bound to get work among the French (4)

2 Revolutionary man is trained, initially, as a scientist (7)

3 About to arrange to put things right (5)

4 Begin to take one 30 across as a drink (6)

5 Open up clue to having great wealth (8)

7 Cut into ornament, to carve stamp in it (7)

8 Curious partisan could be preoccupied (10)

9 Supply raw material, at short notice, to the last defensive position (8)

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14 Might one stir me up, over one type of contamination (10)

16 Minister had to go back to a metropolis, in fact (8)

18 To throw a spanner in the works would screw things up (8)

20 Dug up one new underground cell (7)

22 At first, he had to give permission to a track star (7)

23 The open sea, characteristic of an inlet too (6)

26 Appearance of one of the wise men from the East (5)

27 One could be uncouth without a long, dry drink (4)