Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 29/09/14

Monday’s puzzle...



1 Closing boundary at its extremity, in the end (8)

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5 Newly married woman had good game (6)

10 Beats into shape, so was not to be moved (9)

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11 Stand by empty street, in front of everyone (5)

12 Need to move defender, in order to recover (3,4)

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13 It must be very difficult for one to run round America (7)

14 Manage to generate drink from some leaves (5,3)

17 Some of them expect to find the right subject matter (5)

19 Digs out a lot in two directions (5)

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21 It might be a mistake to create breach, in error (8)

24 Restore to a high level (7)

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25 In the Magic Circle, men try to be charitable (7)

27 Finished up, in fact, having to defend education (5)

28 Disentangle one extra, etc, if turned upside down (9)

29 Fight, at last, to turn ship over to the French (6)

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30 Bars on small sheds not in vogue (5,3)


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1 At the end, got strong area of low pressure (6)

2 Is about to get ready to receive (5)

3 One US institute had a note to copy (7)

4 Express regret at getting a short measure (5)

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6 In particular, pay attention to notice (7)

7 Expensive firm, not right, up to a point, for churchwoman (9)

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8 Head off men registered as having joined up (8)

9 Cause light to spark, then blow up (8)

15 See danger in organisation of defectors (9)

16 After old offensive, he took a Communist to be put in chains (8)

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18 Put denim out in a brazen-faced manner (8)

20 Scrutinise a stable-boy over wrongdoing (7)

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22 Forecast being priced out, at the end (7)

23 Testify to a top tribunal, before trial (6)

25 About to have little time before church to figure things out (5)

26 Take a long time to follow a Muse (5)