Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 28/10/13

Monday’s puzzle...


1 Review dramatic work of the Fifties in anger (4,4)

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5 He removed a poor player, of course (6)

10 Suffer in German, and therefore in Latin (7)

11 Henry led large girl in song of praise (7)

12 It’s about right to take a note, in case (5)

13 Urges rise in arranging consultations (9)

14 Unhappy writing is being subjected to censorship (4-10)

17 Joined office to ensure delivery (10,4)

21 Stars with some capital had US lawyer


23 The last stretch of water in North America is unnatural (5)

24 Furled sail, etc, has to be flexible (7)

25 At last, quarrel with Ernie over tools (7)

26 One’s coming back fast, but is very quiet (6)

27 Fit to pore over first draft, so made some money (8)


1 Send off power boat to break the ice (6)

2 Old theologian had to dance with a nonconformist (7)

3 First-rate red robes designed for frontiersmen (9)

4 Not happy with testimonial alluded to on another page (5,9)

6 Find a place, in the main, to go down to the altar (5)

7 Knock out new kit, returning with one celebrated balsa raft (3-4)

8 Radios made into good new travel indicator (4,4)

9 Eccentric player having a role, at some stage (9,5)

15 Summarised a way to be contracted


16 Might they conjure up German boring machines? (8)

18 Wander about with everyone else to catch a duck (7)

19 About to present an old wind instrument (7)

20 Gave up when about to relax, having the last word ... (6)

22 ... and head off to relax now and again (5)