Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 28/05/13

Tuesday’s puzzle...

Grid: Ros Sherard
Grid: Ros Sherard


1 I hear a firm intended to provide background music (13)

10 From back street to motorway, leaders no doubt have a liberal attitude (5,4)

11 Very upset to have been a victim of aggressive driving (3,2)

12 Put on a new production in retirement? (7)


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13 Lax tool needed to move salamander (7)

14 The unknown is marketable, they say, if it is really superior (6)

16 Miners’ deadly gas powered up electric unit (8)

18 Able to figure out how to run a meet, possibly (8)

20 Follow young at heart in spending money (6)

23 Peculiarly engrain when getting close (7)


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24 Person in charge of exhibition sees dog worrying gold (7)

26 If it makes you cry, change leader of marriage (5)

27 Clearly set out nine acute orders (9)

28 Old enough to have a boyfriend in a roundabout way? They’re off! (5,6,2)


2 Blocks footwear (5)


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3 Not even dance satisfies one on lunatic fringe (7)

4 Textbook proper queen (6)

5 Incline head towards ear that is intimating gentle refusal (2,6)

6 Bug old boy who’s beset by random crime (7)

7 State a loss at extreme competitions for everyone in the country (9)

8 Use a green band for turning out this beast (8,5)


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9 Dessert request Bristol fashion (5,3,5)

15 Pitch tent at a river under belltower (9)

17 Stuns those who put on coverage of last fling (8)

19 Was in overall charge when the weather was wet, we hear (7)

21 Unsure at first about dancer who’s not been tried against competition (7)

22 Scottish origins of help to Liverpudlian (6)


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25 Accent given by whiskey in sharp taste (5)