Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 28/04/14

Monday’s puzzle...



1 Make a profit on ageing pop group, will have to be without consent (7,4,4)

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9 Play haphazardly, taking a little time, to find a layer (7)

10 Gives thanks, in short, for having advanced powers (7)

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11 Happening to record one’s lyric poem (7)

12 Teacher went back over the top to get old Italian dish (7)

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13 Tempt consort to return right away (6)

14 Worked one’s way up in order to scan deed, in a way (8)

16 Searches about on Sunday, having no home to go to (8)

18 Throw a rope round old enclosures, with some hesitation (6)

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22 Had an indication that an Italian runner had a team to follow (7)

23 Splinter groups fail to start lawsuits (7)

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24 If on time, runs after wild animals of central Asia (7)

25 Is alarmed that daughter had to go over Delaware, on the way back (7)

26 Did one run into my father’s production about magical supporters? (5,10)


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1 Continent is inflexible, pure and simple (7)

2 Would broadcast boost a relief flight? (7)

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3 Large draw is subject to chance (8,7)

4 Would one meddle with final ballot? A politician had little hesitation (6)

5 Was character lacking energy first to join a nudist colony? (8)

6 Key area of a trading company meant less working, having to leave (5,10)

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7 Lit up part of the design; it edified spectators (7)

8 Caught a girl with a dictionary, in short (7)

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15 Use different processes, without carbon, to make coffee (8)

16 May have to censure the Bible class before confirmation (7)

17 If paper is being folded, am I after old equipment? (7)

19 Odds on runner being on foot (7)

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20 About to team up with someone, initially, and settles down (7)

21 Managed to back music festival from scratch (6)