Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 27/02/15

Friday’s puzzle



1 Barbecue with Europeans displays shiny cleanliness (4,3,6)

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10 Erase cuts accidentally made with shears (9)

Thursday's solution

11 Clean, clean, mix and match in archaic joint (5)

12 May be heard to have bailed out over initial unity (7)

13 Unknown alumni act as doctors (7)

14 As the Martian said, “Take me to your vocal romantic songs” (6)

16 Going into a swoon when found to be barely showing up in golf (8)

18 Grabs lots of eggs (8)

20 Some coins to put into different currency (6)

23 Face to face in entry to tenement (2,5)

24 I hear you befuddled Ian with rum to get radioactive material (7)

26 Flow in Orkney from headland in South Africa (5)

27 Feel something very soft on landing (9)

28 Cartoonist making madly intricate drawings of Crusoe at Hampstead, say (5,8)


2 Walked steadily with deference to dog (5)

3 You can carry it where you’re going to eat (7)

4 Three begin nautical ocean journey feeling sick (6)

5 Friend admitted first female MP in the country (8)

6 Alison and I have troubled relationship (7)

7 Cousin Les is disposed to solitude (9)

8 A seasoning put on some food during part of military training (7,6)

9 Green team blue when deployed in surrounding by hostile troops (13)

15 Online messenger must speak distinctly (9)

17 Sees term reorganised to make up half academic year (8)

19 Casual worker put in car radiator (7)

21 Pagan appeared to cook chicken (7)

22 Railway union takes alternative transport back to outskirts of city (6)

25 Hardwood that’s all right to be enclosed in iron, but not for long (5)