Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 26/02/15

Thursday’s puzzle



1 Be at odds with firm, having new fellow left in charge, at last (8)

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5 Loves to have a party at one’s leisure, taking time out (6)


9 About time to sort out backhand (8)

10 Undertaking a liaison might concern business (6)

12 Put the whole shebang on a horse (6)

13 One set apart to use some hydroelectricity (5)

16 In the second book, they are on the way out (6)

17 One left the stress over US city, like an old laureate (8)

20 Female engraving could be quite charming (8)

21 Shies away from a vacuum, at first sight (6)

23 Find ways to start bailing out of Norfolk waters (5)

25 Is it suitable to hug one getting upset? (6)

28 Drives out fugitives treating them as outlaws (6)

29 Merge, over time, and have a catastrophic reactor failure (8)

30 Decide to pay for a long bench (6)

31 After sound principle, want to go in the spur of the moment (8)


1 It can be endearing to share first example with 20 across (4)

2 It’s mean to measure model as average (4)

3 Garish opening by a braggart (4-5)

4 About to turn cold at American convention (6)

6 Runner welcomed old fellow back as a novelist (5)

7 Can a senior academic convey things to book-lovers collectively? (10)

8 Have to investigate why cruise isn’t managed properly (10)

11 In the clear air of Newmarket, here or there, in a way (5)

14 Players in theatre company had returned the previous Sunday (10)

15 Guarantee to adopt a little girl, but then deny it (10)

18 Plotted a course, having managed to steer on day one (9)

19 Hard feeling from being trapped in a dangerous situation (5)

22 Stick together with the man in the middle (6)

24 Have a fascination for a small roll of parchment, at one time (5)

26 One’s at a very low ebb, we hear, without a partner (4)

27 At Sandown, initially, take a horse over a hidden obstacle (4)