Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 24/07/14

Thursday’s puzzle...



1 Protect your own circuits to conceal previous activity (5,4,6)

9 Manage to run off with plenty, but then disposes of it (7)

Wednesday's solution
Wednesday's solution
Wednesday's solution
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10 Was a Greek character totally opposed to Italian wine? (7)

11 Performs for the audience in complicated plot, say (5,2)

12 Fellow left fascinating artwork behind (7)

13 Was irritated by having to engrave in an empty trophy (6)

14 Writer had to trail after defence hg in the US (8)

16 Last month, had to speak up to honour someone (8)

18 Took off at speed, but was disappointed (6)

22 Sailor single-handedly landed shellfish (7)

23 Did an early drinker press for bar on fire? (7)

24 It’s hard to take bet about old playwright (3,4)

25 At short notice, determined to be embraced (7)

26 Bar rules out reprisals (15)


1 Common girl having cold spirit took the huff ... (7)

2 ... while brave little girl took on one worker (7)

3 One actor shattered in production, gives strong warning things have to stop (5,3,4,3)

4 Old counsellor appears in one story by Homer (6)

5 Hides away in second European island on Sunday (8)

6 Painter took in domestic pets in downpour (4,4,3,4)

7 Knowing copper was given new name in force (7)

8 Two Poles captured a gnat-like fly, but it doesn’t amount to much (7)

15 At the start, nurse would turn up at a meeting (8)

16 Bad doctor had some wine before first consultation (7)

17 Bird over the water in French manor house (7)

19 Champion takes it in, right at the end, and may be the one who succeeds (7)

20 Was due to send off strips (7)

21 Start to produce a type of ornamental fabric for a grand residence (6)