Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 23/03/15

Monday’s puzzle



1 Find a greater quantity of gold in Maine (4)

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3 Making money on a Ford, right at the start (4,3,3)

10 Make a detour to have some fun on a merry-go-round (9)

11 Flowering plant growing among fir or pine trees (5)

12 Broadcast in excellent bright colour (5)

13 Aide getting lost was forced to become cut off (8)

15 Bringing a headless work of art (7)

17 In revenge for defeat, got one’s just deserts (7)

19 Spoils compensation awarded for one’s injuries (7)

21 Concentrate on a popular game, but cut it short (7)

22 England started to score runs, when trained by a magician (8)

24 Chance to get American flower (5)

27 Be alarmed by old man starting 28 across in charge (5)

28 At the end of the day, take the team to a disco (9)

29 Try to get the last word, at times, in good books (10)

30 About to follow through a farm building (4)


1 Demand same outcome, being offered compensation (4,6)

2 Did a Rolling Stone run across an old British car? (5)

4 Is trespassing accepted in an area of Yorkshire? (7)

5 Lots of rain falling on one day, in the near future (7)

6 Did a royal order have quality, in essence? (5)

7 Old priest urged the downtrodden to follow him (9)

8 Bird of prey trapped in a river nearby (4)

9 Getting angry with heavyweight leaving an English seaside town (8)

14 It’s quite plain best one is left out (10)

16 Will small commune get lots of money for enclosures? (9)

18 Right object, by the end, displayed probity, in principle (8)

20 Using small stove, over time, would become uncomfortable (7)

21 It’s satisfactory to have everything correct, off line (7)

23 Caught Old Firm having a drink (5)

25 Count on having some time with one’s right-hand man (5)

26 Odds on a terrible start to a petty quarrel (4)