Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 19/08/14

Tuesday’s puzzle...



1 Beaten up, cooked and finished (4,4)

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5 Singer with personal problem is an ape (6)

Monday's solution

9 Excuses used before phone messages (8)

10 Heard to give approval on section of circuit in very cold area (6)

12 Spares turn out to be thin on the ground (6)

13 Time to quote letters in order (5)

16 Complete absence to west and south said to be good of its kind (2,4)

17 Open a bus travelling to summons to appear (3,5)

20 The archbishop says the right thing for himself before meals (3,5)

21 Frenchman’s woven materials (6)

23 That Scottish girl is wearing skimpy garment (5)

26 I’m put on the spot about fish (6)

28 A deity father embraced in Eastern temple (6)

29 Negotiations entailed setting international time boundary (4,4)

30 Strong metal alloy brought back in groups of vessels (6)

31 Sybarite rewrites old book about animals (8)


1 Pickpockets going for swims (4)

2 Was Lone Ranger first seen at Christmas? (4)

3 Install an engine too big to get the better of (9)

4 Resent joker who comes in (6)

6 Blog responsible for concentration on monsters (5)

7 and 8 Part of church building at the edge of island is crumbling into ruin (2,3,5,2,8)

11 Started to act as marksman (5)

14 and 15 Where things taste sweet but one’s trying to spit it out (2,3,3,2,4,6)

18 It’s as if one had seen the future with prince set at odds (9)

19 Opportunity for our national exercise (5)

22 A very wise person’s about to get violent (6)

24 Bit of skirt of French origin got around (5)

26 Visiting in South America? Head out with one of these (4)

27 Crowd of game birds going for a drink, we hear (4)