Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 18/08/14

Monday’s puzzle...



1 Policeman not about to have time for meditation (13)

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10 Take almost all of the strain in exercise (5)

11 Came out to shout about some facial hair (9)

12 Sharing in section taking on a ruler (9)

13 Be situated, say, over a loyal subject (5)

14 To press one to take additives creates some paradoxes (7)

16 Did painter accepting tawdry article, at last, hear a knocking sound? (3-1-3)

18 Learn by inference how to make pleats in cloth (7)

20 Penetrate honeycomb, and saturate it (7)

21 In the play, did Portia raise a rich headdress? (5)

23 Although one created a new organisation, leave no trace of it (9)

25 Join up to meet a fellow citizen (9)

26 Hold up high explosive, at first (5)

27 A sensational tale may be terrible, but it’s very cheap (5-8)


2 Is broadcasting news on an excellent run (2,3)

3 Put indecisive dependent on trial (9)

4 About to memorise endless life stories (7)

5 Put a light bed into the sitting-room, right away (7)

6 Add a top level to be complete (5)

7 Carthorse, it turned out, was banned, we’re told (9)

8 When walking on the street, one may need a leg up (8-5)

9 Is about to pay workers, at times, to establish new colonies (13)

15 East German nation is forced into exile (9)

17 Volunteers service a lean-to, although it’s corroded (9)

19 I’d have to store up a hormonal drug (7)

20 Plain pair 2 down, that’s at the back (7)

22 Colourless, like a top-soil layer (5)

24 Had to say farewell, at short notice; that’s unfortunate, initially (5)