Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 17/07/14

Thursday’s puzzle...




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1 One’s firmly based when on dry land (2,5,6)

Wednesday's solution

10 Henry had to return, being led by the foolhardy (9)

11 Correspond with someone from Athens, endlessly (5)

12 Have to turn inside, at the end, indefinitely (4,3)

13 Folk songs heard at short notice in dances (7)

14 Came first, taking round child’s pony, so made a record of it (6)

16 Have one’s doubts about one operating after crusade (8)

18 Bet fines can be exchanged for welfare payments (8)

20 Underwrite a long warning light (6)

23 Last month, left badge of honour at address (7)

24 Eccentric old fellows have to attend (7)

26 While getting over ME, came across a tourist in Cornwall (5)

27 After work, left one in Paris, as appropriate (9)

28 Proceeds with trips out, displaying solidarity (6,2,5)


2 It’s unacceptable, however you look at it (3,2)

3 There’s too much expected when it’s behind schedule (7)

4 By all means go into action (6)

5 Rover had a final jog a day before a match (8)

6 Carol’s expected, initially, to arrange some revelations (7)

7 Managed to put over part of a romance (9)

8 A wind instrument player may spill the beans (7-6)

9 Celebrities might have confidential links with one (13)

15 Seem to have grand organisation for officers across the Channel (9)

17 Get up and away, in order to gain prominence (5,3)

19 Squander, with little resistance in more suitable surroundings (7)

21 Suggest new round of fire (7)

22 Join together to upset the French (6)

25 Supply the final wisecrack (5)