Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 16/10/14

Thursday’s puzzle



1 Were agents about to offer a model four ways to finish (15)

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9 At present, playing an old woodwind instrument (7)

Wednesday's solution

10 One trailed long line into very French frame in the garden (7)

11 Did strong individual have new future? (7)

12 Row over majority of a family tree (7)

13 Provide info to the French, in kind (6)

14 Came together when about to get organised (8)

16 Was frustrated when prevented from being crossed (8)

18 Continues to rise to one’s feet at small seated areas (6)

22 Mean to speak up for a very long time (7)

23 For the last time, say, lies about requiems (7)

24 Failure of metal structures will lead to exhaustion (7)

25 Short summary of record before one large volume (7)

26 Can one section force production of sweetmeats? (13)


1 Others lead off in good order when taking a break (7)

2 Place over in Rhode Island with an old Protestant reformer (7)

3 Enduring connection when three’s a crowd (7,8)

4 Find old queen in the finest heraldic regalia (6)

5 Having carried everything in, added it all up (8)

6 Can’t go any further than Wick or Thurso, for example (3,3,2,3,4)

7 Little girl and boy had little time to be courageous (7)

8 Put off taking us over to wile away the time (7)

15 Get workers in position to build a block of flats (8)

16 Use truck to smuggle merchandise (7)

17 When starting to cook new additive, get back wholemeal (7)

19 Would North American individual despoil one African capital? (7)

20 Some models will spend time with small relatives (7)

21 Is he about to arrive at this point? (6)