Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 14/09/15

Monday’s puzzle



1 When at sea, siren is nothing to worry about (5,5)

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6 Was a small child able to bounce back? (4)

10 It can be difficult to analyse popular force (7)

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11 Lift up, moving forward, to construct a building (7)

12 Mention final letter composed in defined area of the globe (4,4)

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13 It’s put on, going back into bed (3,2)

15 May feel sorry for Reg. About time (6)

17 Is fine fellow, in short, sent off with braces? (8)

19 A small number had to leave the district, as it isn’t safe (2-2-4)

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21 Bet on singer to make three times as much (6)

24 Priest had only one day, at the end, to show self-respect (5)

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25 Set to line up first division who had joined up (8)

28 Write-up on large truck by the French (7)

29 Excellent run on track by frequent fliers (7)

30 Gather some better marrows in season (4)

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31 Promote rally to give one a boost (10)


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1 Writing is on the wall for fellow with a vacant table (4)

2 Be constant, in good order, day-in-day-out (7)

3 Old priest does without, so can pass over (5)

4 Support one working with a lot of soldiers (6)

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5 Sanction entry into circuit for game of chance (8)

7 At last, he’s lit up a national emblem (7)

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8 Although in Paris very dated, daughter crossed the line (10)

9 Instructs one leaving further education, in short, to run relocation ... (8)

14 ... and instructs one leaving factory to relocate too (10)

16 See first new cave about to fade away (8)

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18 Find a block of flats for European people in temporary accommodation (8)

20 Show off good set of new-born piglets (7)

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22 Although may book miles away, hard to reproach (7)

23 Poet Laureate has to relax in order to delight (6)

26 For young fellow to bounce back isn’t new (5)

27 Tend to get the picture, right away (4)