Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 14/05/15

Thursday’s puzzle


3 and 34 across Commit to memory, and leave with some enthusiasm (3-2-3-2)

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8 Manage to get rid of the final predicament (6)

9 Poles cover up on a frozen peak (3-3)

10 Starts to pray in primary six or seven (6)

11 Aimed to drink gin up, as one visualised (8)

12 and 29 across Was everyone ready and champing at the bit (3,3)

13 In relation, writer got back in front of hack (6)

14 Advance with assurance, using borrowed term (8)

17 Why might excellent extra take so long? (7)

19 Famous dignitary, in particular, just can’t operate (7)

23 Refuse to go to a place in Northern Ireland (4,4)

27 At short notice, old sailors took leading seaman up to decks (6)

29 See 12 across

30 European in turn had time to produce nourishment (8)

31 Did he ask for more for a forge-hammer in Bath? (6)

32 Could a salesman get away to a feast? (6)

33 Did one take care of society with high principles (6)

34 See 3 across


1 Design small school to take first eleven with me (6)

2 Prevent an out-building being transported (8)

3 Understands a method to follow, so manages to escape (4,4)

4 Excites first two thirds, getting over small streams (7)

5 Find a ferocious fish in US state I drove into (6)

6 Hold a formal examination of a survey in an editorial (6)

7 Nurse had little hesitation to join the profession (6)

13 and 16 down Nearly time to line up to get retirement wear (5,5)

15 and 18 down It’s all right, as there’s nothing wrong with it (3,3

16 See 13 down

18 See 15 down

20 Preacher led one round to a Biblical story set to music (8)

21 Worried about mixing gin and soda with the last wine (8)

22 In the place of a new set of farm buildings, not in good order (7)

24 Money-lender was certain to be accepted by an ancient city (6)

25 Acknowledged the usual routine, on average (6)

26 Would some modern Homer take a vow of silence (6)

28 Want the French to show some style (6)