Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 12/12/13

Thursday’s puzzle...



1 Aim to get further with some soldiers (7)

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5 Find agreement on harmony in concert (7)

Wednesday's solution

9 Domestic help had to wait, endlessly, to get another worker (7)

10 Head off going for a walk, by strolling along (7)

11 Subordinate had to get submarine, left in good order (9)

12 First person makes things up, and goes back and fore (5)

13 Promise to give evidence in one’s Sunday best (5)

15 Gets the better of cheats with tricks (9)

16 Care about a plot against dramatic queen (9)

18 Is there an issue, having a resistance to a direction finder? (5)

21 Holds on, although having trouble in both directions (5)

22 Land due to be dug up could be covered in knots (9)

24 Give old outfit to a French friend creating art, on paper (7)

26 Give one a right to authorise address, in style (7)

27 Would a left-winger decline a revolutionary emblem? (3,4)

28 Slight chance to square banker (7)


1 At cross purposes, though powerless, affected people (7)

2 Sailor, on line, had to cut short a game (7)

3 Broadcasting had to come round with new look (2,3)

4 Nevertheless, no matter what, may be against (15)

5 Sign of moving, rewritten speech (6,2,7)

6 Leaders need infantry back, up to a point (3)

7 Appreciation, in fact, of troop in lonesco play (7)

8 Breaks down abstracts for masters (7)

12 In the first place, beards may suit men on board (5)

14 About to take on work with second strings (5)

16 Preserve Spartan characters by telling it like it is (7)

17 Enlightened little boy, provided that’s done at the beginning (7)

19 Incline to accept gallery should be written down (7)

20 Tidy up grass for ruminants (3,4)

23 Turner left two articles behind (5)

25 Some sailors may be indisposed (3)