Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 09/09/13

Monday’s puzzle...


1 Can’t go on any more at King’s Cross or Euston, for example (3,3,2,3,4)

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9 Would little fellow get ruler out, if sorry? (9)

10 Arrives at small firm with me, starting at the beginning (5)

11 Inches along through some hedges; it’s not hard (5)

12 Learning about good profit from opera glass (9)

13 In fact, a stew can yield real flavour (5)

15 Moved fast over one section, initially, when mechanised (9)

17 Elaborate story, indeed, was rubbed out (9)

19 Mathematical ratio of frescos, echoed in murals (5)

21 If left in 18 down, daughter was suffocated ... (9)

23 ... and left a new church to open up (5)

24 Did staff have to leave with a tropical fruit? (5)

25 Take away the French with resistance to fighters in the ring (9)

26 Holiday-makers hunt for gratification, with little hesitation on Sunday (8-7)


1 On time, more tend to become distressed (9)

2 Attracts reserves to take up small books (7)

3 Wants to see runner back between two poles (5)

4 It sounds dreadful and wrong to get a pound for rubbish (5)

5 Was related to otherwise, so had to be endured (9)

6 Was unconventional character as mad as a hatter? (9)

7 Patient warders end up with some prisoners (7)

8 Make certain, right away, to follow (5)

14 Is one sure, or could turn out to be wrong (9)

15 Early colonists’ craft might flourish, in the end (9)

16 Irons out some abbreviations (9)

18 It’s a bit odd to stifle the line-out (7)

20 From that time on, about to be quite frank (7)

21 Calculate a grand total at university (3,2)

22 Top-dog about to join ship had to get into line (5)

23 Turner left a definite article behind (5)