Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 09/04/15

Thursday’s puzzle



1 Lose interest in driving, for instance, so move onto a slip-road (4,3)

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5 A new power took control in full strength (2,5)


9 Tend to have sufficient left out, but had to be wary (7)

10 Worker took a long time to start digging, but he coped (7)

11 Duck below the cover, in retirement (9)

12 Getting very personal, about to figure things out (5)

13 Find out about a new girl (5)

15 Can I head over to small ranches? (9)

16 Get rid off one right before working with old cars, etc (5-4)

18 Genius shows talent and skill, with panache (5)

21 It’s wrong to have one left with the scraps (5)

22 New trials, eg, designed to make instruments (9)

24 On paper, Ray sounded flash, like 18 across (5)

26 Find a whole number in time, say, with little hesitation (7)

27 Is about to endorse society, but gives it all up (7)

28 Produce new 20 down, right away, as a panacea (7)


1 Get passmarks over empty event, so transfers coupons (7)

2 Twice about to perform on Sunday, on screen (7)

3 Volunteer to sacrifice motion, in advance (5)

4 Happen to get a difficult paper, when in dire straits (4,2,4,5)

5 Newly-picked plant could be in a perfect state (2,4,9)

6 Starting first, unveil novelty entertainment (3)

7 Delighted to get large turn-out for a little boy (7)

8 Finish up with a small quantity, but it’s constant (7)

12 It may be useless for a single person to be on the platform (5)

14 In Asia, land in pristine palace grounds (5)

16 Vouch for advocate to act as guarantor (7)

17 Fires up part of an engine, so clarifies it (7)

19 Might everyone, for example in front of the Queen, be the one to testify? (7)

20 Run out first to play a guitar, for instance, on the platform (7)

23 Records small number getting back on set (5)

25 Was one work unit involved in merger talks? (3)