Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman, 04/06/15

Thursday’s puzzle


7 Did a mentor express mild disapproval to get round a little resistance? (5)

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8 Scheduled to be next down the line (4,3,2)

10 Have the last word with one club, on return to the screen (6)

11 Did rich lend out some issue? (8)

12 Get on satisfactorily for so long (8)

13 Be entitled to have part of a learned treatise (4)

15 Bill left in good order, making an impression (7)

17 Leaves one high and dry on the waterfront with small cables (7)

20 Record a first-class blockbuster (4)

22 Point out that I can’t die out (8)

25 Did carriage start to shift direction? (8)

26 Straighten up in match to complete the circle (6)

27 Management had to negotiate with the workers, at the end (9)

28 Secure roles for actors making a comeback (5)


1 Thought about media having to turn over (9)

2 Count on warning shot to see something coming (8)

3 Gentle flow might outwit the French (7)

4 Threatening to close, and it’s going to happen soon (8)

5 Did a paying guest lose a skirt? (6)

6 Have an aptitude for command, using military force (5)

9 Meeting up with an escort at some point (4)

14 Did one let radio broadcast an opinion column? (9)

16 Handle how to defraud a celebrity, commonly (8)

18 Reckons to tell stories about balance on small bills (8)

19 Girl’s dismissed for declaring her opposition (7)

21 Left a first-lieutenant at the entrance (6)

23 Go off at speed, with some elan, but ruin one’s hopes (4)

24 Man had a right to be at the centre of things (5)