Cryptic crossword

Monday's puzzle...


1 Found little boy was confirmed (11)

9 Guarantee to run off in order to succeed (5)

10 Agree to set up place with lowest fares, in the main (8)

12 Drew to accept being bound by conditions (3,4)

13 Appear in the glow of an illicit drinking-den (7)

14 Would mad artist offer to pay for the lot? (5)

15 Although aims to have passion, tempts fate (9)

18 Works out cuts with little hesitation (9)

20 Bound to get note round the main idea (5)

21 Diminish second half of wide expanse (7)

24 Delighted, having to run gym class for northern stars (7)

25 Matched set had a small measure, in place of a second 8 down (8)

26 Special edition of the next radio show (5)

27 In story, most turned out to be a freak of nature (11)


2 I'd have to sort out drug for hormone (7)

3 Deserters posted into a group of busy workers (9)

4 Guided over England's second city (5)

5 Has final incentive to be working as an operator (7)

6 Standard from the last generation, left inside (5)

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7 Get the better of little devils, and run into some close associates (4,7)

8 Gather on a ship in front of ensign, but not many (8)

11 In one sense, Latin turned out to be unnecessary (11)

16 Setbacks for girl's flowers (9)

17 Elects to have hands instead of clubs for members (8)

19 Prepare some cooling drinks for hunters (7)

20 Was a rocky height split apart by downpour? (7)

22 Time to have a new attempt to dance (5)

23 Swelling up, to prove to be false (5)