Cryptic crossword - 06/08/15 The Scotsman

Thursday’s puzzle


1 Acknowledged a seal of approval by newspaper boss, as witnessed (10)

6 In West Africa, one little fellow became a street urchin (4)

10 Immigrants in 30 across arrive right inside 29 across (9)

11 Is eager to get into an Italian river, and get into the picture too (5)


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12 In Cyprus, top gun had to catch a young swan (6)

13 Wanted for a long time to take on a young hooligan (7)

15 Turn by a smaller amount, with little energy, having no backbone (9)

18 Could Oriental lime produce a fragrant resin? (5)

19 Is very keen to get the first 6 across cut in half (2,3)

21 Try to measure up in an international sporting event (4,5)


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23 Later on, that’s creating an artist’s studio (7)

24 Is there a large following in foreign parts (6)

27 A common expression of agreement, isn’t it (5)

28 Did a co-worker band together in syndicate? (9)

29 Programme broadcast from all directions (4)

30 Colony had to make recompense, as reconciliation (10)


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1 Is of sound mind when returning to New England (4)

2 Expression of dissent, not under any circumstances (2,3)

3 Castigate a trustee carrying little weight (7)

4 It’s obvious that some have to get from Dover to Calais (5)

5 Some writers will try first, and second (9)


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7 Deck out the crew, at last, in some bright illumination ... (10)

8 ... and fight over old doll in some bright illumination (10)

9 When at university, gain some insight or understanding (6)

14 Have a rough guess at the position of a viewpoint (10)

16 Tipped off, so was able to get the low-down (2,3,4)

17 Made up a pretext for one to block things out (9)


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20 After work, one consumed a drug inducing sleep (6)

22 For a vehicle to reverse through about four laps would be phenomenal (7)

24 Having a second group could be a blessing (5)

25 Is conscious of a vigil coming after (5)

26 Might a traffic mishap finally lead to depression? (4)