Comedy review: Tom Mayhew: Fragile Fragments

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Tom has obviously watched too many Emo Phillips videos at an impressionable age.

Just the Tonic at The Caves (Venue 88)


He has some lovely self-deprecating one-liners and some nice fresh comedy snow gets his footprints but “that’s kind of all I’ve got of the show at the moment” is not how to end an Edinburgh hour.

The fragile persona he has onstage is slightly undermined by his introduction of Heckle Tom as a part of the show. This results in two minutes of his staring at the floor and our feeling uncomfortable.

Either fiendishly clever subversion or just two minutes he didn’t need to write. I think there is a smart comic in there. I wish he’d come out.

Until 27 August. Today 6:20pm.