Comedy review: Thom Tuck: An August Institution

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Somehow Thom Tuck manages to remain gentlemanly and stiff upper lipped even when largely naked and daubed with make up.

Heroes @ Dragonfly (Venue 414)


He is a joy to spend an hour with, even when singing a song about domestic violence made not really famous at all by a cult band called the Mountain Goats. He is doing an entire hour of these songs as part of Mark Watson’s Festival of Bad Ideas, so we get off lightly.

Thom loves being right. He seems like the sort who frequently is. In the hour, as Thom is gradually made up (cosmetically, not in a Liverpudlian way) by his audience, he bemoans the ever increasing challenges of being a smoker, electoral injustices, British pride, and the importance of how things look. He also explains how Oprah turned him trannie. Stick with this funny/strange hour and you will learn much about Islam. But mainly you will learn what a fascinating entertainer Thom Tuck is.

Until 27 August. Today 3pm.