Comedy review: Terry Alderton: All Crazy Now

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: If ever I have felt like turning the star system up to 11, this is it. Terry Alderton kicks off an hour, with enough crazy funny to last some other comics a lifetime, by introducing us to The Johns, a singing duo who get things going with the catchy, if insistent Chops Not Ham.
Terry Alderton. Picture: Contributed.Terry Alderton. Picture: Contributed.
Terry Alderton. Picture: Contributed.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)


John Spurling (body of a space hopper, voice of a butch angel) is the other John. They are Nigerian. There are joiny-in songs, there is comedy in reverse, we meet Little Phillip, Alderton auto-heckles brilliantly and we are privileged to enjoy a routine of absolute comedy genius where Terry’s feet, in sparkly trainers, talk to each other. I can barely remember a moment in this hour when I was not laughing.

Of course Terry chats to the voices upstage, but they get less time in this gobsmackingly brilliant show. A lady leaves to go to the loo (entirely understandable) and Terry gets an entirely fresh, properly classy routine out of it. Then there are Brussels sprouts, a cornflake, new colours and balloons.

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This is a glorious re-emergence of an always great comic. It is a genuine thrill to see this kind of talent on a stage putting heart and soul in to a show of such comedic force. It is passionately funny and perfectly formed, not a second of the hour left to slump unloved. Spurling is a phenomenal foil, a great musician and a funny, funny man. Credit should also go to whoever mixed and ran the sound. It was spot on.

The feeling that you get in a room when the comedy is this good is unique. The audience becomes a single entity, bound by laughter and enjoyment. It is a powerful and rarely felt effect and you really must experience it. Thank you Terry Alderton, for giving me the comedy thrill of a lifetime.

Until 27 August. Today 10:40pm.