Comedy review: Simon Evans: Genius 2.0, Assembly George Square ­Studios (Venue 17)

Simon is trendy in teal this year, has upgraded the onstage furnishings of the show and is sipping Harvey's Bristol Cream in tribute to his father, who provides several of the show's first laughs.

Simon Evans: Genius 2.0, Assembly George Square ­Studios (Venue 17) ****

I am never less than in awe of this man. He almost makes one think that maybe no-one should be allowed to do stand up until they are 50 and have something sensible to say. Simon sees the world through the rimless spectacles (Specsavers finest) of advancing years and, luckily for us, has the skills to share what he sees with us, such that we spend an hour either chuckling, laughing out loud or nodding.

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I cannot recommend the experience highly enough. Alcohol guidelines, senior moments and the undocumented danger of domestic cats get us going before Evans conjures a stout defence of the ­older demographic, a howl of despair at the level of people we have running the country, and a warning that we could lose genius forever in the world we have created where every ­kiddie wins a prize.

The targets of Evans’s ire are eviscerated, some, like the DUP, with a sentence, some, like Jeremy Corbyn are slowly taken apart over the course of five minutes of fine-­tailored invective. Even the gender-fluid are not spared, en passant, during a dissection of Finding Nemo.

Some of the show will be familiar to those of us who enjoyed Genius (the original), which, normally, would be a problem, but such is the ­quality of Evans’s work that one is delighted to greet hilarious old friends like his Guiness Book of Records comparisons and Alan Clarke’s Civilisation. Evans’ suggestion for the way forward for the UK is brave and, in many ways, the only logical conclusion to make. It is at once progressive and regressive, which kind of sums up Simon Evans.

• Until 26 August, 8:20pm

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