Comedy review: Peter White: Straight White Male

This guy had the gig from hell the day I was in. And he dealt with it all wonderfully.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Just the Tonic at The Mash House (288)

He is laid back, affable, and secure enough to engage generously with the imbecile chatters and shake the hand of the elderly Geordie bloke as he left. He reminds me of Pete Johannsen which is A Very Good Thing.

He has some terrific thoughts on street harassment and why he wishes he was gay, and the section on his own late awakening to multiculturalism is super-honest and exhilaratingly fresh and even dangerous in an Edinburgh full of smug PC-obsessives. Then – again with admirable honesty – he tells us he is going to talk about “a personal thing” because he had been told that you have to have “a personal thing” in an Edinburgh show. At which point we get ten minutes or so about his emotionally manipulative ex-girlfriend. White is obviously a terrific comic who does not need anyone to tell him what to put in his show.

Until 28 August. Tonight 6:20pm.