Comedy review: Paul Sinha: Shout Out To My Ex

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: When we last met Paul Sinha on the Fringe, he was a very happy chappie.

The Stand (Venue 5)


He was a regular on ITV quiz The Chase and, in his mid-forties, was in his first gay relationship, with someone younger than him, better looking than him – he said it, we aren’t given the visual evidence – and a trainee solicitor. This last point was like all his parents’ Christmases coming together.

Well, he’s still on The Chase…

After spending three weeks telling 2015 audiences how well everything was going, he returned home only to be dumped under pretty
unusual circumstances.

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And things didn’t get any better, as the one-time locum doctor was beset by several days that were, at best,

Which, in the hands of Sinha, makes for comedy gold. A confident, engaging performer, he’s relaxed enough to go a little off-route without losing control of his narrative, whose constituent parts include, but aren’t limited to, the day adolescence kicked in, his autistic nephew, neck heckles and looking for love among quiz geeks.

So has he found a new man in the last couple of years? I shan’t spoil that one, let’s just hope Sinha gets past this month without incident.

Though if he doesn’t, that’s his next show sorted.

Until 27 August. 19 August, noon.