Comedy review: Luca Cupani: It's Me!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Luca has been on a quest this year. A couple of quests, actually. He has also been 'taken'.

Heroes @ Dragonfly (Venue 414)


As in, found a girlfriend, not as in abducted by aliens. She sounds like a lovely girl. So all in all he has plenty to talk about. This is a truly lovely, gentle hour with a lovely gentleman. I cannot think of another comic who could describe the activities at an intimacy workshop involving naked flesh and yoni massage with such sweet enthusiasm. He saw nipples. And his excitement is palpable.

He takes us through the problems of the play-dough yoni, and the surprising difficulty of eye-contact etiquette. It is a delightful hour. In it we also learn about Luca’s exploration of his ethnic heritage (disappointingly, Luca turns out not to be Native American), his £35 conversation with a Welsh psychic and his disappointing nude photoshoot. Oh yes, the shy Italian has really blossomed since winning So You Think You’re Funny. He is still not Pope, despite a great name and an awesome motto, but he is at least exploring options now. Do not,on any account, leave without fingering his cushion. It is just gorgeous.

Until 27 August. Today 8:30pm.

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