Comedy review: Luca Cupani: The Admin Of Death And Other Confessions

In the interests of transparency I should state that I have been a fan of Luca Cupani since he first did ten minutes at The Grouchy Club a couple of years ago.

Star rating: ****

Venue: Heroes @ Bob’s Blundabus (Venue 212)

However then, and continuingly, he was very much about personality over content, although the content was always sweetly personal.

Luca had the audience in sitches
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This year, along with the almost Woody Allen-esque endearing self-deprecation, he has death, Catholicism, lust, call centres, exhumations and an encounter in Amsterdam that you will never forget, let alone Luca.

But there is something more. The content is more “formed”, the language more thought through. He has some truly great lines. Lines that will stay with you and make you laugh for the rest of the day.

From his charming introduction to Brenda (the Blundabus herself), through the many ways God protects him from lust we are giggling.

His dead family become hilarious. And his Amsterdam awakening is the closest thing to SM comedy I have ever heard. It is exquisitely painful and incredibly pleasurable at the same time.

Luca had the audience in sitches

An audience that ranges from two young Japanese tourists to an elderly French/American lady are helpless with hilarity. The man next to me is actually, literally, doubled up with laughter. Seeing him on Brenda’s top deck is, I think, by far the best way. Intimate and odd.

My Money Back Guarantee would be available on this show, were it not a Pay What You Want performance.

Until 29 August. Today 5:45pm.