Comedy review: Liam Withnail: True Defective

What happens when one of the biggest boozers on the alcohol loving Scottish stand-up scene decides to quit the sauce?

Star rating: ***
Venue: Comedy Festival @Beehive Inn (Venue 178)

Dagenham born, Scottish based, Irish blooded Liam Withnail is here to tell you.

Withnail, who decided to stop drinking more than a year ago after discovering he couldn’t face a day sober, has gone down the AA route.

But he’s not here to preach – just to tell his own story in an open, likeable and funny fashion.

Withnail illustrates his tale with texts, films and pictures from his drunken days and has fun with excerpts showing the reactions of his hard-drinking comedy buddies.

There’s some fantastic writing and a good solid structure. Withnail has something genuinely interesting to say about sobriety which gets his audience talking after the show.


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He needs to tone down his delivery, which is still stuck in the days when he was known as a loud drunk man roaring around the stage. But this is an important story, told with humour, humility and style.

It will make you laugh, it will make you think and provided he turns down the volume, you will thoroughly enjoy hearing Withnail talk you through his own personal fork in the road.

Until 28 August. Today 5:25pm.