Comedy review: Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Appropriate Adult

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: There is a good story at the heart of this show. Kiri Pritchard McLean has spent the last year mentoring a troubled teen '“ which means she had to be a responsible or appropriate adult.

Pleasance (Venue 33)


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It is a neat device to explore her own adulthood – as a thirty-something millennial who doesn’t want children of her own.

Pritchard-McLean is good with money, and knows how to look after herself.

She has just split with her boyfriend and lost a ton of weight – which is an opportunity to share some pertinent and intelligent observations about body image, dating and discotheques.

She’s a confident performer, whose straight talking wit delivers lots of laughs. What she says is clever, interesting, original and funny.

It’s a shame she has picked up the irritating habit of discussing the structure of her Edinburgh show while performing her Edinburgh show, which is a plague at this year’s Fringe.

No one wants to know about the 40-minute lull and I wish comics would shut up about it.

Ignoring the self-conscious “I’m comedian” stuff, Pritchard-McLean’s pace and delivery are great, and her question of what it means to be an appropriate adult makes for an interesting hour.

Until 28 August. Today 8:15pm.