Comedy review: Jonathan Pie: Live

There is no doubt Mr Pie is a creation of great ­cleverness. This show is a rant-fan's delight.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

When JP gets torn into charities, the rich/poor divide, David Cameron and Theresa May, it is like watching him put metaphorical frogs in a blender.

His attacks on the professionally offended and recreationally outraged were everything I wanted to hear and blisteringly brilliant. Being Jonathan allows him to get his teeth into subjects that, in the set of a “real” stand up, might seem obvious. And in gloriously colourful language. However much Stewart Lee loathes Cameron, I doubt he’d describe him in the way we hear tonight.

The wraparound for the conceit is a Children In Need live link up, allowing for arguments with Tim the producer/director and a phonecall from Sandra, the ex-wife. Warning: Gloria Hunniford fans might be offended.


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