Comedy review: Joey Page: Pretty Boy

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: This show is peppered with flights of fabulous.

Laughing Horse @ Counting House (Venue 170)


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Whenever Joey utters the words “what if” you know you are heading for hilarious. When his febrile imagination steps off the edge of reality and, for example, explores all the possible ramifications of going for a wee before the show, it makes for unbridled silly and comedy joy.

Joey hails from Lewisham, a Pret-less place where violence rules, according to him. But the lad has done well for himself. He wanted to be a lifeguard, dealt with sibling rivalry with the help of Gordon Ramsay and Dr Oetker, used to be big in Hull and is unimpressed by Pret’s Bone Broth.

When The Mock Tudor takes to the stage he is hampered in his audience participation by the fact that there are only two of us, and I am taking notes. Joey handles this superbly. As does Jamie, the other audient. It is, unsurprisingly, he who wins Joey’s innovative Audience Prize for Best Audience Member.

This is a warm, confident hour full of fun, funny and even some elephant-based whimsy. BTW, if you find somewhere that sells Scampi Fries, do take a packet.

Kate Copstick

Until 28 August. Today 6pm.