Comedy review: Joe Hart: Internaut

Technically a solo show, Internaut doesn't see Joe Hart going it alone '“ he's joined by Aris, a low-rent AI.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

If you get the Aris reference, you’re Joe Hart’s perfect audience member – someone deeply acquainted with the world of computer geekery. I had to look it up, but you only have to be of a certain age to enjoy his routines about MSN Messenger, while his ruminations on misplaced Twitter trolling are comedy gold.

Most of the people at the show are well able to play a computer game about flyering on the Royal Mile invented by Hart. His determination to involve the audience doesn’t always pay off in terms of laughs – inviting strangers up on stage briefly to act out fancying one another, for example – but his climactic section gets big points for uniqueness. This sees him film punters acting out an Edinburgh-specific Star Wars scene, which he edits into a chucklesome mini-movie in just five minutes.

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But what keeps audience members amused while Hart is having his auteur moment? That’s for Aris to know and you to find out.