Comedy review: James Veitch: Game Face

This is 21st century comedy and it is sweet. Utterly pointless, and obviously the result of a posh boy with few real world friends and too much time on his hands, but sweet, funny and very smart.

Rating: ***

Venue: Pleasance Dome (Venue 23)

James spends a lot of time online. A LOT. He engages Sainsbury’s online marketing bots in an exchange of 21,439 emails, creates a drama out of a Costa Coffee’s Club points crisis and scores a brilliant email triumph over Hammersmith and Fulham Council. He is relentless in his literal interpretation of non-literal communications.

He plays games with plastic ducks and adores his Donkey Kong. We watch as he ­engages in an online role-play game and tries to introduce realism into it. He dies. A lot. I thought, at the start, I was going to be irritated – but it is a lovely way to spend an hour. There is nothing wrong with pointless. James makes it fun and, as he says, “It is never too late to play”.

• Until 29 August. Today 5:40pm