Comedy review: Ingrid Oliver: Speech!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Ingrid Oliver is best known for her role as UNIT boffin Osgood in Doctor Who, so it's to be expected that a few Whovians are in the audience for this show.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)


She does concede one Dalek-centred gag, but the only geeks this show is aimed at are the political ones. It’s called Speech!, with the running gag – literally, at the start – her invitation to give a TED talk. Will she have what it takes to impress the world?

Well, she impressed me with her smart tackling of Britain today, which included a Six Stages of Grief-style takedown of Nigel Farage, a student union leader laying down the law and a masterclass with the world’s worst impressionist.

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The highlight, though, was a hilarious Katie Hopkins style gob-for-hire.

The voice, the attitude, the lack of self-knowledge, it was all spot on.

Oliver’s material isn’t always the funniest, but she’s a fine performer, easily worth an hour of your time.

Until 27 August. Today 4:30pm.