Comedy review: Gareth Waugh: Honestly?

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Waugh '“ what is he good for? Absolutely something.

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)


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Comedy stories centred on taking ketamine with fellow comics at the tender age of 19, inadvertent partying with gangsters, discovering he’s short by shagging on tiptoes in a kitchen…

Some of it sounds a tad unlikely, but the clue’s in the title – the hugely personable young Scot bounces between two mics, and at show’s end we’ll be invited to guess which was the spot for true tales, and which was all about the porkies.

The gimmick is set up via a cute short film in which we see Waugh questioned on whether his idea is basically a maguffin to catch the eye of the comedy awards panels. 
Of course, he doesn’t confirm it…

Within a couple of minutes I can’t remember which stories were linked to which mic, so however would I come to a conclusion?

Honestly though, it doesn’t matter, because both sets of tales, delivered with a sweet earnestness by Waugh, are equally tall. And very funny.

Gareth Waugh is smart, witty and good company, with a deceptively polished delivery. And that’s the truth.

Until 28 August. Today 1:30pm.