Comedy review: Foiled

Many things are good about this production.

Star rating: ****

Venue: Ruby Rouge (Venue 184)

The company have gone feral and actually borrowed Clerk Street’s Ruby Rouge hairdressers in which to stage their production of a little comedy play set in a hairdressers. This is huge fun. Huge. There are three in the cast and they certainly give you the full cut, colour and style of entertainment.

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    We are in Bleach for the Stars Salon. Serina is the malapropism-prone salon manageress who self-evidently could not manage a dip dye in a Clairol factory. She is prone to sudden outbursts of soft rock and has no discernible finer qualities whatsoever.

    Tanesha is the smart, talented, gorgeous assistant stylist who is constantly covering for and attending to her “boss”. Into this Cinderella and the One Ugly Sister scenario walks Richie, a bald actor who wants to be Charles I. All this and an application to Clip Advisor’s Salon of the Year make for a full-on fun hour.

    The performances are wonderfully whole-hearted and, in the case of Tanesha and Richie, in amongst all the mayhem, properly believable. Serina’s performance has the hallmarks of an actress who has been given the comedy chicken to play with and is wringing its neck. But she creates the chaos. Someone has to.

    By the time we are at the Steps-inspired finale, the entire room is singing and even Serina is our friend. Go early to bag a seat for this fantastic, funny, close-up and entertaining Fringe experience. PS: There is no audience participation, so don’t worry.

    Until 29 August. Today 7pm.